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7/27/05 - Fixed some more links and added a description to the techniques "White Mist", "Death Plant", "Rose Whiplash" and "Tornado Fist".

7/26/05 - Sorry about the long wait guys. Hopefully I'll be able to get more done this week. Fixed up Episode 13 "Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 Attacks" a bit, added an animated picture for "Spirit Gun", fixed the "Armor of Hyena" picture, added a description for "Armor of Hyena", "Acid Blast", "Tiger Scream", "Ice Dragon", "Prism of Seven", "Makeup of Chains" and "Rainbow Cyclone", Fixed numerous links and added "Armor of Phoenix" to the Techniques section.

4/10/05 - I've been making small little update here and there lately, mostly with the message board. The Role-Play section in the message board is now available and a new section for Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction has been added. If you want to post a different kind of writing (Such as original or a different series or movie) drop me an e-mail or private message.

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